This website is a place to put content I think might appeal to an audience larger than one. Expect assorted writeups, lists of otherwise not-well-curated items, and things I've made for lack of anyone else creating them.

Broad areas of interest of mine include: math puzzles, non-math puzzles, ways of improving individual or community epistemics, fermi estimation and ways to train and improve at it, spaced repetition, long hikes to strange places, AI alignment, incentive design, novel social technologies, interesting features of the natural world (read: geography trivia), and baking.

I can be reached at “graham’s number is big” sans punctuation or spaces at gmail, or @maskedtorah on Twitter. Anonymous feedback welcome and encouraged at admonymous.co/drake. If you’re on the fence, err on the side of saying hi! I am happy every time I get contacted by cool people on the internet.

As of this writing, this website remains a disaster in progress and should not be assumed to contain all content it asserts it contains.

It also may move from this address to drakethomas.net soon (once I figure out Squarespace domain transfers), though I can't promise any particular timeline there.

The code for this website is based off of Eli Tyre's, and many of the edits thereafter are thanks to advice from ChatGPT.